If its night life you are looking for then you will find everything to suite your requirements in Pattaya. Reasonably priced restaurants offering delicious local seafood as well as every other available cuisine, lively go-go bars and beer bars, as well as small quite places to relax away from the hustle and bustle.  Ample shopping plazas and street stalls selling reproduction brand name watches, t-shirts etc, make Pattaya the perfect choice for families and singles alike.
Pattaya 'Gung' is the most densely populated area for night entertainment, and things start to really liven up after dark. the main beach road offers some good quality eateries and bars. and

Getting around

Pattaya offers an efficient day and night ' hop on - off ' taxi service, which you can flag down from the road side. Make sure to tell the driver where you are going so he will stop at the right place for you. There is also a bell you can press if you decide to get off the ride.  Tuk Tuks are another way of getting around, and also good fun. Make sure you negotiate the cost for the ride first to avoid any disagreements.

Night time shopping

Pattaya has many shopping malls and department stores which keep their doors open until late, and if you are looking to buy genuine label items, like cloths etc it is recommended to stay with the large stores. Pattaya beach road is one long 'night market' after dark offering everything from new release DVD titles, copy watches and brand clothing. Many bargains are up for grabs, but make sure you bargain, as prices can vary as much as 50%.

The Walking Street

The walking street is famous for go - go bars and restaurants, and is a hive of activity after dark, and is not too everyone's taste!! Be wary about some of the shows that are on offer, and if you do decide to go and see these attractions, make sure you look at the drinks menu and cost incurred before you agree any orders, as some establishments can be very heavy on the ' extra' charges. Further down towards the 'South' end of the walking street, things get a bit quieter, and there are some very nice ' seaside' seafood restaurants available, and fair prices.

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